Chef Billy Parisi’s Coffee of the Month: Blue Nile Blend – Churchill Coffee

The Blue Nile Blend, Chef Billy Parisi's Coffee of the Month, Churchill Coffee

This coffee brings back so many memories, that I’m not even sure where to begin.  When I first began thinking about drinking coffee back when I was 21 years old, I had a cup of this.  It was my first executive chef gig at a restaurant in St. Louis and all the coffee I had known to this point was bitter garbage that made me go to the bathroom all too often!  Anyways, I remember sipping this and thinking, WOW not bad, even for coffee.  I still did not become a daily coffee drinker, but when I had this the other day it brought back so many great thoughts of working in restaurants, along with so many other feelings that are really hard to describe on paper.  Drinking coffee is so therapeutic, and I’m not sure better conversations are had over anything else.  Any how, this is a very VERY full flavored coffee with no bite and this regular roast is strong enough that you could even use less than you normally do for a pot of coffee.  The caramelized beans bring for a delicious coffee flavor that is sooooo smooth!  If you’d like to pick some up, CLICK HERE!

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