Changing Up the Outside


Like I have said before, my wife is an insane decorator but believe it or not I got my HGTV on and changed up the outdoors a little bit.  It’s hard sometimes living in down town Chicago because the lots are skinny and deep leaving little room for a yard or privacy. I always joke around that when I wake up in the morning and go to open the blinds that the neighbor is in his underwear drinking coffee staring at me through his window about 5 feet away.  Needless-to-say, he’s close 🙂

Anyways, with the arrival of the kid it made it really 1003426_10151468780551960_1283076364_ndifficult to get out there this year to do some landscaping, so we had it done by an awesome local company.  In addition to the landscaping, I know you’ve seen me go crazy about my garden on Facebook, but we also got a new area rug and changed up the seating a bit to open up the patio and make it a bit more inviting.  I am really diggin it to be honest (seriously never thought I’d be excited about decorating or landscaping) and can’t wait to get out there this weekend!  We got the patio set from Sears(Ty Pennington I think?), the landscaping was done by Clarence Davids, and the little patio set (not sure if you can see it) was from Lowes!  So long for now, I’ll be sippin on a glass of wine and kickin it out back 🙂


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