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Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe with Parmesan Risotto

I have always said that lamb and duck are hands down my favorite proteins of all time, and because they are it of course means I don’t get to eat them too often.  My wife isn’t too adventurous when it comes to eating foods that are a little different from the norm, and she especially won’t eat lamb or duck.  However, when it’s holiday season I usually get to make just about whatever I want.  For instance, I made smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving, which is definitely a little different than the norm, and the whole family was totally ok with…

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Grilled Lamb Medallions Recipe with Stuffed Peppers

Grilled Lamb with Stuffed Peppers & Tomato Salad

This Grilled Grilled Lamb Medallions Recipe with Stuffed Peppers is super tasty and really hearty, and quite frankly offers a little something for everybody.  If you don’t like lamb, no problem we’ve got stuffed peppers loaded with vegetables and cous cous.   See, something for everyone!  In all seriousness, this Grilled Lamb Medallions Recipe with Stuffed Peppers is more of a complete meal.  The lamb is marinated in fresh herbs, a little spice, lemon and olive oil and then grilled to medium-rare.  Lamb medallions come from the loin so in nature they are more tender and are really delicious when either…

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