Building a Beautiful Burger

Outside of Pizza I am always on the hunt for the best burger around!  I know I will always say that I know where the best burger can be found but I have tried merely a fraction of all of the burger joints in the U.S.  I know it seems hard to mess up a burger, but trust me it can be done!   I’m not even really sure if I hold the secrets to making the best burger around, but I surely know what it consists of…  Juicy, thick, tender, flavorful are all words I would use to describe a fantastic hamburger.  Seems simple though right?  Not so much!  It takes love, care, the right amount of seasoning, the perfect grill temperature, the list goes on.   I am also not hear to gloat and say I have the best hamburger I have ever eaten, although I make a darn good one!   Rather, I am here to help you make a hamburger that you can be proud of.

Even before you cook anything, the key to having a juicy burger is in the meat.  I know, I get it, some of you are dieting and you want to buy meats that are low in fat, but let’s be clear if you are trying to lose weight you probably don’t want to start with hamburger meat anyways.  So how do you know what a good meat to fat ratio is?  Well, you know those little numbers on the hamburger pack that read 94/6, 90/10, 80/20, etc??  Those are the ratios.  Also be sure to buy fresh ground meat, not some pre-made frozen patty!  Since I have always said that, “fat equals flavor” I am going to suggest for you to buy at least 85/15 if not 80/20.  Next is going to be the seasoning!  I like simple things like Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, but if you are looking to spice up your burger with Latin flavors than be sure to do so.  Just be sure to season very well!  It is time to start grilling when your grill reads 450° to 550°.  You want that sucker hot, because it will immediately sear in all the juices for a tasty hamburger.  I know you may be used to cooking things well done, but that is a huge problem if you are looking for juice, flavor and tenderness.  Try going for a medium or a medium well in temperature.  If you are cooking in between the temperatures I told you too, than you are looking at about 6 minutes or so on each side for an 8 to 10 ounce patty!  I enjoy my hamburgers on a plain old simple bun with lettuce, tomato and onion.  I would suggest keeping it simple so you aren’t masking away the beautiful burger you worked so terribly hard to create.  In addition be sure to use fresh produce to top off your burger, it’ll make a world of difference!  If you have any food related questions connect with me at or at

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