Bombed Audition


Occasionally I get casted to do a National Food or Travel show, but often times I’m the one doing the network pitching.  Before I tell you about my behind the scenes audition bomb, let me start by saying that getting into TV is just plain hard.  It is ALL about timing and who you know, and nothing more.  If you have a descent personality, are passionate about your field of expertise, and know a good production company, you can make it if the TV programmer likes you and is in the market to buy your type of niche content.  In my case, I’ve heard no from the Food Network more times than I care to count.  The head honchos at Food Network know me, like me, but I still have not had success in getting my own show although I’ve been very close a few times.

There is something still so magical about TV to me, after all no one says, “You’re on the internet, you’ve made it!!!”   It’s the long grueling hours behind the scenes of sweating in kitchens, styling food, getting the perfect interview  all to capture entertaining TV that you and I love to watch.  I do however have to check myself from time to time to remember why it is I do what I do.  It’s simple, because I love it and it’s what I went to school for.  I’m not in this to seek out fame, fortune and stardom.  Just like many of you, I’m in it because it’s what I know and I have a family I’m responsible for.  I have a unique skill set with degrees in Culinary Arts and Hotel & Restaurant Management, as well as having a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Video Production and a minor in Spanish.  Needless to say, SallieMae LOVES me!  In the end I have really just combined all of my passions and skills to do what it is I do today.  In any event, I always hope to remain humble, thankful, hungry and gracious to all I come in contact with…

On to my horrendous audition.  In the world of TV, just like business, somedays you have it and somedays you don’t, and I came to the table empty handed.  Rarely am I to memorize a script for a casting call, so when I was emailed 3 paragraphs to memorize and 1 paragraph to make up on my own I was a little thrown back.  Usually I get casted and am asked a ton of questions about my history, personality, on camera work and maybe spit out a few lines that I ad lib on the spot.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done scripted work, after all I used to pull all nighters shooting commercials for my friends over at Lowes Foods, and I never missed one line while shooting those.  Well for some reason when the camera started rolling I got the first sentence in and after that it was ALL down hill.  I forgot everything.  All I could do was laugh, because to this point I pride myself on knowing my lines when it has been requested, but on this occasion I had nothin.  The director kept telling me to stop pitching (think the Billy Mays commercials), and really develop that passion for the concept of the show and speak in a normal manner that shows my personality.  Well I’m not actor, I’m a personality and all I could do was concentrate on trying to remember those flippin lines, but they got the best of me.  I couldn’t show any personality, I couldn’t remember my lines, and most importantly I had little passion for his concept…  It’s hard to have a love for someone else’s dream and let that come through in your own unique voice, and in this case it really showed.

In the end I was grateful to even have had the opportunity, but I can tell you with no regrets that the premise of this particular show was just not for me.  It would have required an intense amount of travel that would put me weeks at a time away from my wife and little girl, and I just can’t do that to them.  Even with all the craziness that is TV, and my bombed audition, I am pleased to tell you I’m working on a really great concept that I love and hope to have on TV someday soon.  Of course all this depends on my timing and who I know at the networks :-).  When it’s all said and done I chose to fight to do what I love, provide for my family and prove to the people who continue to tell me no that I will always look to fulfill my dreams.

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