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    Blueberry and Banana Coconut Pancakes with Maple Butter

    Published March 19, 2015. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    Every time I travel I am in search of 2 things, the best pizza and the best pancakes. I have tried literally every type of pancake out there. Gluten free, paleo, buttermilk, chocolate chip, you name it I’ve had it. The one thing that I am always bummed about is that all of them are so heavy, which means I can’t eat that many. However with these Blueberry and Banana Coconut Pancakes with Almond Maple Butter I could kill 6 or 7 no problem, they are that light and fluffy.   The bananas and blueberries just add that extra bit of love to the coconut pancakes that I’m not sure I would eat them without’em.

    Coconut flour is pretty interesting to work with. It can soak up a lot of liquid and leave you with a brick if you don’t follow this recipe to the T, I’ve never seen anything like it. As soon as you open up the package you can smell that delicious coconut flavor, however the flavor of it is just right. Bob’s Red Mill® is the only coconut flour manufacturer I have seen and man have they perfected making it. It’s a delicious, healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. A single 2 Tbsp serving of coconut flour delivers 5 grams of fiber with only 8 grams of carbs. This makes it ideal for those following the paleo diet or who need to be carb conscious for their health. Coconut flour is also gluten free and produced in our gluten free facility where it is batch tested using the R5 ELISA Gluten Assay.

    coconut-1     coconut-2

    I can’t forget the almond-maple butter. WOW is all I can say. I would literally put it on a grilled steak it’s that good. Well maybe not a steak, but seriously it would be a nice finishing touch on a sweet breakfast treat or even a dessert.

    coconut-3    coconut-4

    And if you can’t tell in the below, I had a ton of fun taking pictures for this!


    My wife found this funky Asian flat gold charger at a thrift store and I thought it would be a perfect time to break it out!


    A nice big picture below for pinning 😉


    Let's Cook - Chef Billy Parisi

    Blueberry and Banana Coconut Pancakes with Maple Butter

    Looking for the perfect breakfast? Try this Blueberry and Banana Coconut Pancakes with Maple Butter Recipe that is absolutely delicious!
    Servings: 2
    Prep Time: 20 minutes
    Cook Time: 10 minutes
    Total Time: 30 minutes


    For the Batter:

    • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil + more for cooking
    • 4 eggs
    • ½ cup of coconut milk
    • ½ teaspoon of vanilla
    • ½ teaspoon of coconut extract
    • 1/3 cup of Bob’s Red Mill® Coconut Flour
    • 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda
    • 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder

    For the Butter:

    • 4 ounces of softened unsalted butter
    • ¼ cup of chopped raw almonds
    • 1/4 cup of grade A maple syrup


    • sliced bananas
    • blueberries
    • sweetened shredded coconut


    • Batter: In a large bowl whisk together the coconut oil and 1 egg at a time until combined.
    • Next, whisk in the coconut milk, vanilla and coconut extract until combined.
    • Whisk in the Bob’s Red Mill® Coconut Flour until completely mixed in and then gently fold in the baking soda and baking powder and set aside.
    • Butter: In a separate bowl whisk together the butter, almonds and syrup and set aside.
    • To Make: Put a small amount of coconut oil a large sauté pan on medium heat and add in a few tablespoons of the coconut batter and spread around with the back of the spoon to make a circle.
    • Lay on a few sliced bananas and blueberries and cook until the edges begin to brown.
    • Flip the pancakes over and cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until the edges are brown.
    • Serve the pancakes with fresh sliced bananas, blueberries, shredded coconut and a scoop of the almond-maple butter. Enjoy!


    Calories: 1033kcalCarbohydrates: 45gProtein: 18gFat: 88gSaturated Fat: 55gCholesterol: 449mgSodium: 246mgPotassium: 363mgFiber: 9gSugar: 29gVitamin A: 1890IUCalcium: 189mgIron: 2.7mg
    Course: Breakfast, side
    Cuisine: American