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Fixing the World, One Recipe at a Time

Sep 8th, 2009 by Ealeal

Okay, there’s just no elegant way to escape saying this – I have a huge, throbbing, aching Internet crush onChef Billy Parisi. There, I’ve said it – now I can move on and focus on explaining what it is that drew me in, and what it is that sets Billy and Fix My Recipe apart from many other chef-centric cooking shows.

First of all, I find that Billy inspires that hopeful part in me – the same part of me which is in complete denial over the fact that I barely own enough kitchen tools or equipment to actually prepare a complete meal and leave my guests alive to tell the tale – and truly makes me believe I possess (hidden) super-culinary powers. Chef Billy takes in your poor, your weak and your tired recipes, and breathes new life into them with an easy, breezy patch, elevating your eats to perfection. Whether your Alfredo sauce is lumpy and bumpy or your blueberry pie has got the blues or your homemade pizza dough is looking a little deflated, Billy’s got you covered.

Second of all – and this may not be a politically correct reason for fandom, but nonetheless – this chef is drop-dead cute, as you can see in this video, where Billy comes to the rescue of a strawberry shortcake recipe:

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