1.2.3. CHEESE!!!

Something occurred to me last night while having a few guests over and eating fish tacos, when my friend said, “Wow I never really had cheese with this much flavor.  The stuff I usually buy in the pre-packed package is really bland.”  In my mind I thought to myself that you have got to be kidding me.  It was only a two year old white cheddar that didn’t pack that much of a punch… Or did it!  As a chef I use cheese because I think it adds great flavor and texture to so many different food items, but not until my friend Jeremy said how good it was last night, did I realize that good cheese can really make or break a dish.  What if he ate my fish tacos with that boring old cheese he is used to eating?  He probably wouldn’t even notice, but when his palette went to work on my white cheddar he immediately noticed the amazing burst of flavor and how it complimented the rest of delicious food that was stuffed in that burrito!

Cheese has literally been around a long time!  Ever since animals were bread for their milk some 4000 years ago, cheese was born!  Not quite sure what the cheese tasted like way back then, and not sure I want to know!  Now-a-days of course there are so many variety of cheeses and so many fantastic flavors to choose from!  Brie, Manchego, Goat, bleu, literally thousands of cheeses!  Cheese however serves its purpose in complimenting and adding flavor to dishes!  Can you even imagine what a wine tasting would be like without cheese?! POINTLESS!!  Even the rat in the movie “Ratatouille” understood that when you combine cheese with fruit that the flavor is AMAZING!  From now on when I am recipe testing and wondering what else I could put in this dish to give it that extra UMPH, I believe I will start looking to cheese and so should you!  The beauty of doing this is testing all the different cheeses to find out what you like!  The only thing I ask is that you refuse to ear it on your head 🙂

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